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Why do customers travel from Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Louisiana and all across the great state of Texas to visit our Plano location? Because Growler Motor Labs is the ultimate automotive performance and track prep shop in the Southwest. Formerly known as COBB Tuning Plano, and now owned by long-time COBB general manager Chris Fleming, we've earned a reputation as the most knowledgeable and experienced tuning company in the industry. For the past eight years, we've specialized in providing the best parts, service and custom dyno tuning for Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen performance model vehicles. Now, as Growler, we've expanded our scope to service GM vehicles including Corvettes and Camaros with HP Tuners software and the Subaru BRZ, the Scion FR-S and Toyota FT-86 using EcuTek.

Ready to take your performance vehicle to the next level? Our team is standing by to help. When we deliver the finished product, you'll have a car you'll be proud to own...and can't wait to drive!



Today's import performance cars are beautiful, powerful machines, but they're capable of being modified to reach even higher levels of performance and style. Let our experts guide you through your options and help you set the proper goals for your vehicle. We'll steer you clear of sub-par parts and toward high quality components with a proven track record of delivering performance, quality and longevity.


Modern Engine Control Units are responsible for emissions, fuel economy, protecting drivetrain components and monitoring many sensors. Manufacturer calibrations of these ECUs are specifically designed to optimize stock configurations, making it easy to enhance your car's performance with even the simplest of bolt-on parts. Our certified tuners, using our on-site Mustang Dynamometer, will ensure that all components, both aftermarket and stock, work together in harmony to generate impressive power with high levels of safety and longevity.


Modified vehicles require vigilant maintenance. Changing oil, rotating tires, bleeding brakes, replacing coolant, maintaining filters and even checking tire pressures are important services that are essential to the lifespan of your performance car. Don't neglect your machine due to your busy schedule. Let the staff at Growler Motor Labs take care of all of your vehicle maintenance needs.


Pushing the limits will always expose the weakest link in your performance vehicle, but fixing the problem is only half of the solution. Finding a way to prevent the same failure from occurring again is the real challenge. Our ASE-certified technicians excel at failure analysis and will provide a quality-assured prescription to eliminate your problems. So when things go wrong, trust the experts at Growler to make them right again.


Whether you visit Growler Motor Labs in person to pick up the parts you need or prefer to shop our online store from the comfort of your home, you can trust that the products we offer are the finest on the market. As a Gold Certified Dealer, we prominently feature parts from COBB Tuning. We also sell premium parts from industry leaders such as Edelbrock, AMS Performance and Radium Engineering.


Need help deciding what's right for you? You can trust our experienced consultants to guide you through the chaos of the aftermarket wilderness and recommend top-quality parts proven to enhance performance. Call us at (214) 291-3020 for helpful suggestions, to check stock or to arrange for in-person pick up.

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