COBB Front & Rear Anti-Sway Bar Kit 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST

Ford Suspension By COBB

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Huge Reduction in Body Roll and Understeer for Improved Handling

The Focus STs came with a pretty sporty suspension from the factory, but they do suffer from a good amount of body roll and understeer that leave them at a disadvantage to some of their competition. One of the best ways to solve both roll and understeer is with COBB's Front and Rear Ant-Sway Bar Kit. This awesome suspension package includes a front tubular steel sway bar and an adjustable rear tubular sway bar that work together to minimize body roll, reduce understeer, and greatly improve turn-in during hard cornering to give your ST the sporty handling you need for just about any application. These sway bars don't just perform better than stock, they're also lighter which shaves a few pounds off your ST's unsprung weight for even better performance.

Large-Diameter Tubular Steel Front Sway Bar Design with Powder Coat Finish

COBB's Focus ST front sway bar is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to sportier and more composed handling out of their awesome hot-hatch. COBB's Anti-Sway Bar is 27mm in diameter and has a tubular steel construction that's much stronger and more resistant to deflection that your Focus ST's stock stamped sway bar. Each sway bar features a black powder coat finish and comes standard with polyurethane bushings for its mounts that further reduce deflection without a ton of NVH. COBB designed their Anti-Roll Bar to work with stock and most aftermarket swaybar end links. Each sway bar comes with instructions for installation.

Larger and Stronger Rear Sway Bar for Reduced Understeer

COBB's Rear Anti-Roll Bar for the 2013 to 2016 Focus STs is both larger and stronger than stock to greatly improves your ST's performance. Each sway bar measures 25mm in diameter and is manufactured out of strong tubular steel that's much more resistant to deflection and load than your Focus ST's factory stamped steel rear sway bar. The sway bar has two adjustable settings for 145lb/in and 180lb/in to help fine-tune your ST's handling performance just to your liking or application. Each sway bar features a black powder coat finish and comes standard with polyurethane bushings that further reduce deflection without generating a ton of NVH. COBB includes all necessary hardware and instructions for installation.


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