Ford Exhaust By COBB

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The COBB Focus RS 3' Stainless Steel Dual Tip Turbo-Back Exhaust is a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory system that boasts full 304 stainless steel construction, precision welding, CNC Mandrel bent tubing, a 4.5' high flow GESi Catalytic Converter, and comes with an OEM exhaust valve for easy plug and play use.

Along with the COBB Stage2+ OTS maps or a custom Pro-Tune. You will be able to control your exhaust tone with the in-car drive modes to match your mood.

The 3' tubing plus high flow cat and muffler free up exhaust flow well beyond the limitations of the factory turbo. Meaning that this turbo-back exhaust won't hold you back if big power is in your Focus RS future!

Ford GESi Catted 3' Downpipe Focus RS 2016-2018
  • 4.5' High Flow GESi Catalytic Converter
  • Slip fit for easy and secure install
  • Flex Joint allows for movement and heat expansion without risk of damage or leaks during aggressive driving
  • Compatible with OEM turbo and cat-back or COBB 3' Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust

Fit Guide

  2016 Ford Focus RS
  2017 Ford Focus RS
  2018 Ford Focus RS

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