Fiesta ST Catted Downpipe

Ford Exhaust By COBB

SKU # 501200

The COBB Stainless Steel Catted Downpipe for the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is a direct replacement unit which features full 304 stainless steel construction, cast/machined turbo flange and a high quality metal spun catalytic converter. All of these features combine into an excellent replacement for the power robbing factory unit!

Ford Fiesta ST Catted Downpipe
  • Cast/Machined Turbo Flange
  • Full 304SS Construction
  • 4' Flex Section
  • 200 Cell Count Metal Spun Catalytic Converter
  • 3? SS Up to Catalytic Converter, 2.5? SS From Flex to Flange

Fit Guide

  2014 Ford Fiesta ST
  2015 Ford Fiesta ST
  2016 Ford Fiesta ST
  2017 Ford Fiesta ST
  2018 Ford Fiesta ST
  2019 Ford Fiesta ST

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