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The COBB Tuning Stage 3 Power Pack is the ultimate power bundle for your 2nd Gen MAZDASPEED3! Simple plug-in and bolt-on installation of these components offer excellent power gains, outstanding build quality and an impressive exhaust note. The Stage 3 Power Pack includes: COBB Accessport - The most comprehensive MAZDASPEED OEM ECU tuning solution available. SF Intake - Power, looks and sound! Turbo Inlet Hose - Rejects high engine bay temperatures. FMIC - More consistent power with the coolest possible air! XLE BPV - Fast and functional. Turboback - These components offer excellent power gains, outstanding build quality and an impressive exhaust note. Rear Engine Mount - Improve traction and reduce wheel hop! Fuel Pump Upgrade - Achieve flow rates ~50% higher than the original pump. Exhaust Hanger Kit - Exhaust Hangers will keep your exhaust firmly in place. COBB Vehicle Badge: Custom chrome emblem; individual letters with 3D curvature included! The Stage Power Pack comes in your choice of either blue or black color for the SF Intake, Turbo Inlet hose, and FMIC.

The MAZDASPEED3 Gen2 Stage 3 Power Package makes the process of waking up the sleeping monster inside of your car as easy as possible. Shy of upgrading the turbo or rebuilding your engine, if you are looking for worthwhile upgrades for a Mazdaspeed3, they are all in this package. Plus, the parts are over-engineered to handle even more power, so you don't have to start over again when you are ready to go to that next level! No need to hunt around or mix and match parts. Just grab a stage3 package, install the parts, flash the tune...and have a blast!

Mazdaspeed3 Stage 3 Power Package Gen2 Mazdaspeed 2010-2013
  • Accessport V3, BPV
  • SF Intake, Turbo Inlet and FMIC
  • Rear Motor Mount, Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers
  • 3' SS Downpipe, Cat-back
  • Autotech Fuel Pump Internals

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