When you build a dream house, you don't settle for furnishings from Goodwill.

it's the same when you own a Porsche. When you're ready to transform it into your ultimate dream machine, you want the very best parts from manufacturers with a proven record of excellence.
That's why your path to Porsche perfection begins with Akrapovič.

A Slovenian manufacturer of premium exhaust products, Akrapovič is synonymous with the highest level of design and power enhancement. After first making their name in the motorcycle world, they now boast a 10-year track record for delivering automotive products that are flawlessly engineered to deliver perfect fitment and premium performance.

No wonder then that dozens of racing teams count on Akrapovic's R&D team for an edge at the track. That faith has resulted in more than 100 world champions, starting back in 2008 when they earned their first win as a car exhaust manufacturer with a Porsche 997 RSR that captured a 24-hour endurance race at Nürburgring. They are the system of choice for cars in Formula 1 and other pro circuits as well for teams looking to break track records like the 919 Evolution race car currently rewriting the books. And now they're the OEM choice for many premium European platforms.

So, what sets Akrapovič apart?

Durability: The Dakar Rally is legendary for the physical toll it exacts on competing vehicles, and the logistical nightmare of replacing parts. It wasn't unusual in the past for cars to go through as many as 15 exhaust systems while trying to complete the grueling 5,600 mile course. That changed when Akrapovič entered the field. Now top teams know they can count on a single Akrapovič system to get them through the race. If it's sturdy enough to survive that prolonged brutality, you know you can depend on it to keep your Porsche street or track ready.

Weight savings: The math is straightforward: A lighter car requires less force to accelerate than one that's heavier. Eliminating excess weight therefore offers a clear path to greater power. The full Akrapovič Evolution system, with side mufflers and high-flow metal cats, slashes a whopping 40
pounds off the back of a GT3. That's a real difference maker. Total savings varies from model to model, but each Akrapovič system tends to cut 35 percent off the weight of a stock exhaust. So these exhausts don't simply help you make more horsepower. They help you make more out of the horsepower you have.

Value retention: We all understand depreciation. It can be especially brutal on the value of the average aftermarket exhaust: Have you ever tried to sell one before? Once it's been removed, it's basically good for scrap metal.

That's not the case with Akrapovič. We heard a story recently about a Porsche owner who installed an Akrapovič system on his 997.2 GT3. He proceeded to put 22,000 track miles on the car before a twice-failed gear box led him to sell it...but not before he removed the Akrapovič.

Smart move. He wiped it down with WD40 and sold it for 90 percent of what he paid originally. That value retention speaks to the well-deserved reputation of these parts...one that is unmatched in the industry.

Sound flexibility: We all have a dual nature. Only Akrapovič allows you to fully express it. By using the optional sound kit, you can control the exhaust valves to create the tone to fit your mood (or even the sound tolerance of your passenger). When the valves are closed, the exhaust note sounds deeper than stock, but not louder. When the valves are open, it delivers a pure racing sound, with adrenaline-pumping bangs.

Consistent excellence: The trophy case says it all. Akrapovič has been named Winner of Best Brand, Exhaust, by Motor Sport Aktuelle magazine every year since 2010, and has won multiple Red Dot Product Design Awards.

More power, more torque: Bottom line: Akrapovič delivers results you can feel every time your foot touches the gas...and the results on the Growler dyno prove it. Outside of the COBB Accessport, this is the ultimate performance enhancer for your Porsche.

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