There's no denying the appeal of online shopping. Scan the goods from the comfort of home, type in your billing address and credit card number, push the complete-purchase button and then sit back and wait for the delivery man to ring your door bell. Gotta love that convenience.

Online, you might think, is where the deals are. But if you're looking for real value when purchasing aftermarket parts, there's a better way.

Shop local.

You've probably heard it before, but it bears repeating. Supporting local businesses makes a real difference in your community as your dollars directly create jobs for your friends and neighbors. They also generate revenue to help pay for important services like police and fire protection, as well building better roads...a benefit we all can appreciate.

Add it all up and buying local is the right thing to do. Of course, we understand it'll take more than platitudes to impact your spending habits. You want the most for your money. Here's how Growler delivers:

Prices: You think the best deals are online? Try us. Growler will match or beat any advertised price on products we carry.

Instant gratification: Growler has the parts you need, when you need them. No need to worry about porch pirates making off with your mail-order parts when you can simply pick them up at our Plano shop at your convenience!

Expert attention: Whether you want advice on the right parts for your ride or need help with installation. Growler has you covered. Our performance advisors and shop techs are the best in the industry, ensuring a smooth transition from stock to dream car. And if you ever have questions after the sale, we're always available to help. You can't get that kind of attention online!

Growler gives back: Hey, we're car guys and gals, too. So we're active in the local car community, hosting multiple events and sponsoring several clubs directly. It's our way to supporting and strengthening the local scene!

Still want to get it all online? Growler's web shop offers the best of both worlds with a wide selection of competitively priced parts and a chance to support a local, family-owned firm.

At Growler, we know you have choices. We are truly grateful for all your support in 2018, and we hope you'll tell a friend about us as we head in to 2019!